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About Us


At Apollo's Debate & Apologetics Camp, our story began with a passion for equipping students with the tools to engage in meaningful dialogue and defend their beliefs based in a biblical worldview. Working together with Attorney Griffith Vertican, founder of the National Institute for Homeschool Debate, RENEWANATION, with its team of dedicated educators and experienced debaters, created ADAC out of a desire to create a welcoming and empowering environment where participants could grow intellectually, spiritually, and relationally. We will remain committed to fostering critical thinking, effective communication, and a deepened understanding of faith, providing a transformative experience for all who join us.


Apollo's Debate & Apologetics Camp is a dynamic community of like-minded individuals united by a shared commitment to excellence, integrity, and growth. We are educators, mentors, and advocates who believe in the power of reasoned discourse and compassionate engagement to transform hearts and minds into a biblical worldview. Whether you're a seasoned debater or new to the world of apologetics, we welcome you to join us on this journey of learning, discovery, and growth.

MEET THE TEAMOur team at Apollo's Debate & Apologetics Camp is comprised of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, all united by a shared vision and mission. Led by Attorney Griffith Vertican, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide participants through an enriching and rewarding experience. From seasoned debaters and theologians to dedicated support staff, each member of our team plays a vital role in creating an environment where participants can thrive and grow. Get to know the faces behind the camp, and discover the heart and dedication that drives us to empower and inspire every participant who walks onto our campus.

Programs & Curriculum


Debate Workshops: Engaging workshops led by experienced instructors covering various aspects of debate, including argumentation, rebuttals, and research techniques.

Apologetics Seminars: Interactive seminars exploring the foundations of faith, critical thinking skills, and strategies for defending one's beliefs in a diverse world.

Speech and Communication Training: Practical sessions focused on developing effective communication skills, such as public speaking, persuasion, and presentation techniques.

Mock Debates and Speech Contests: Opportunities for participants to apply their skills in simulated debate rounds and speech contests, receiving feedback from peers and instructors.

Specialized Tracks: Tailored tracks for different experience levels and interests, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, as well as tracks focusing on specific debate formats or topics.



Foundations: Designed for beginners or those new to debate and apologetics, providing fundamental knowledge and skills to build upon.

Advanced Techniques: Geared towards experienced debaters and apologists seeking to refine their abilities and tackle more complex topics and arguments.

Specialized Focus: Offering focused pathways for participants interested in specific areas, such as policy debate, parliamentary debate, or theological apologetics.

Leadership Development: Equipping participants with leadership skills and strategies for mentoring others in debate and apologetics, fostering a culture of growth and collaboration.


Debate Fundamentals: Introduction to key concepts in debate, including structure, strategy, and research methods, laying the groundwork for effective argumentation.

Apologetics Foundations: Exploration of foundational principles of apologetics, examining evidence for the Christian faith and addressing common objections and challenges.

Critical Thinking Skills: Development of critical thinking skills, logical reasoning, and analytical abilities essential for both debate and apologetics.

Ethical Engagement: Discussion of ethical considerations in debate and apologetics, emphasizing integrity, respect, and empathy in communication and argumentation.

Application and Practice: Opportunities for hands-on practice and application of learned concepts through debates, case studies, and real-world scenarios, reinforcing learning and skill development.


Arrival and Departure: Students should plan to arrive Thursday, July 25 from 3pm to 5pm Central time and depart no later than Monday, July 29 by 10am.
Check-in: Follow campus signs to check in upon arrival. Housing assignments will be given at that time. First event is supper at 5:30pm in Bernau Lodge.
Accommodations: There are seven twin-sized beds (bunks), one queen-sized bed, and one full private bathroom in each room. Housing based on first-paid, first-accommodated basis. Each room comes with a mini fridge, small table, and chairs. We are a tobacco-, pet-, and alcohol-free campus. We are unable to accommodate young children and babies.
Meals: MC4 provides conference level food and held in the Bernau Lodge. Any dietary restrictions are noted in student's Signature Event Waiver form.
Transportation: GPS directions are 100 Manderley Lane, Pikeville TN 37367. Parking assignments will be given at Check-In. 
What to Bring: Click [HERE] to view a list of recommended items for students to bring.
Schedule: An overview of the daily schedule, including activities, free time, and other events will be given at Check-In.
Complete Waiver: Each guest attending ADAC must complete MC4's Signature Event Waiver. This form can be found [HERE].
Payment Process: MC4 accepts online credit card payment. Cost is $225 per person. There is no prorating and no refunds for cancellations less than thirty days before arrival.
Registration Deadline: Students must be fully enrolled by July 12. A $10 savings is available for for guests who register by June 25 by entering the code "Discount" at check out.
Confirmation: Guests will receive an email confirmation up completion and submission of Waiver and Payment.

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